Kind words from Past Clients

I will be relieved when at least the legal portion is wrapped up though you have been an exceptional attorney, very non-stereotypical

S.T. (accident victim)

It was a sunny morning in September when I was injured in a significant rear-end motorcycle/motor vehicle collision. One minute I was on my way to work - the next, I was unconscious. I awoke in the Emergency Room with my family standing around me. I chose Rick Schroeder as my attorney. I chose well and I highly recommend him.

As a lawyer myself, I knew it was important to get the right lawyer to help me through the maze of insurance forms, medical reports, and 2nd opinions. Obtaining the compensation needed for my future medical expenses and wage loss required a committed tenacious advocate. Rick is that lawyer.

There are plenty of lawyers who purport to help motorcycle crash injury victims. But, I wanted someone I could trust; someone who really knew the law and the facts of my case, and someone I could talk to at critical stages in my case. Understanding the facts of any motorcycle case is critical. I needed a lawyer who actually RIDES a motorcycle! If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need one too.

I found all those qualities and traits in Rick. He counseled me through the tough decisions, and kept me from settling for the lower amounts. To get the issue closed, my own insurance company and a neutral mediator were proposing those lower amounts. Rick stood firm, rejected substandard proposals and told the insurance company that we would proceed toward trial. A short time later, my insurance company's team of lawyers agreed to the amount Rick had suggested to me from the start.

The driver who hit me was underinsured. In the end, we received 100% of the at-fault driver's insurance policy limits and 100% of my underinsured policy limits. When you need compensation from an insurance company, even your own insurance company, following an accident, you need a lawyer like Rick Schroeder. This is especially true for a motorcycle accident. I highly recommend Rick and his law firm. He and his staff operate as a team. They have worked together for years - and I can see why. Rick's a damn good lawyer, a great guy and a friend who I now am proud to be able to ride with once again.

Chris B.

Nan & Staff:

Thank you....for doing such an awesome job on my case!"

Kevin P (car crash case)

Hey Rick,

I just wanted to thank you again for all the help and professionalism! Everything is very much appreciated and also thank you for the letter on the court date and that process going forward.

Thanks again for everything!

- Darin H.

Thanks Again, Rick. Feel free to post on your website:

As the son of a career insurance agent, I have heard for a long time that "lawyers just take a third of what the insurance company would give you anyhow". However, when I was injured and the insurance company for the party responsible started asking me strange questions that suggested I was at fault, I knew I needed an attorney on my side.

I had met Rick a few years earlier and asked if he could help. Making sure I had someone looking out for my interest was the best decision I could have made. I remember when we got the first offer from the insurance company I would have jumped at it. Rick got me twice their initial offer, meaning that even after I paid him for his services I still received thousands of dollars more than I would have if I worked with the insurance company on my own. I am glad I hired Rick, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is hurt because of someone else's negligence.